Filter Banking


At Regeneration Services LLC, we’re changing the rules in DPF filter cleaning. We’re at the forefront of a process known as “Filter Baking” or “Cooking.” This method involves baking the filter at 12-hundred degrees for 24 hours – and then you’ve got a much cleaner filter assembly. The ceramic filter becomes like new. Our customers can see a big difference, especially since the life span between cleaning intervals is expanded. Of course, that saves money and time – and that’s why 90 percent of our customers are using this service. We’re still providing on-location computer diagnostics for Class 8 engines for those who prefer it. So continue to call us rather than have your rig towed to a dealer. Either way, our goal is to address your re-gen issues, saving you time and money. Call RS now at (432) 269-8558, or visit and ask us about Filter Baking. We’re Regeneration Services LLC, making Cleaner Air for Future Generations.

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