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Filter Banking Testmonial

By now, you’ve probably heard about a method of OPF filter cleaning called “Filter Baking.” What it does is make your filter like new – and it cuts way back on the time between cleanings. Essentially,your filter assembly is cleaner – and it lasts longer, saving you time and money.

One customer tells us, “We’re saving and adding to the bottom line and will never go back to the cleaning we were getting before.” Another says, “Our trucks are not performing a re-gen as often and the filter cleanings are lasting a lot longer than the cleanings at the dealership.” And another tells us, “This is just an amazing service,hands down, and we’ll let everybody know about Regeneration Services LLC.”

Filter Baking is a game-changer in OPF filter cleaning for Class 8 tractors – that saves you time and money. Call Jim Webb and his RS team now at 432-425-7458, or visit

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