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Depending on the size of your fleet, you could have thousands if not millions worth of DPF filters that require maintenance. When it comes to maintaining this important investment, turn to us. We hope our website helped you learn more about us and the services we offer. Contact Regeneration Services LLC for an estimate, or with any questions or comments you might have.


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DPF cleaning and restoration for all on highway and off road vehicles with diesel engines

Ultra-Sonic cleaning

Only service dealer in the state of Texas. Filters are brought to like new clean quality.



  • This company was founded on the premise to deliver a solution to the industry’s ‘check engine light’ and engine de-rate issues that has plagued the trucking environment since the inception of DPF filters in 2007. Regeneration Services LLC provides state of the art DPF evaluation, inclusive to flow inspection, cleaning, cell examination and analysis of soot/ash load before and after cleaning. This procedure is performed on-site for your convenience, to expedite the process and promote value to you, the customer.

    If you have a 2007 or newer vehicle, then you have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in the After-Treatment System.Consistent, Dependable, Efficient Performance We’re RS – Regeneration Services. Cleaning Will Be Performed By Hand Versus The Automated Method. This Will Ensure OEM Specifications Are Obtained Upon Completion.

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